Extensions Unlimited provide all the services you need to get your home extension ‘up off the ground’. A one-stop-shop that saves you time, stress and money.

Contact Extensions Unlimited and discuss your home extension dream. Achieving that dream is a straight forward process.

Design Service

Get your ideas drawn up by an expert.

Extensions Unlimited has a free design service, saving you time and energy looking for a designer.

You will be delighted with the designers. Their creativity, attention to detail and just the way they listen to you!

Read more details about the design service or call our office to discuss your situation.

Working Drawings

The builder will use these to accurately construct your extension.

Extensions Unlimited employ registered practitioners to produce your plans.

Have your own plans? Talk to us about your options.

Permits and Engineering

Begin construction without delay with government required permits.

You can relax and imagine living in your new home extension because Extensions Unlimited will organise everything for you. From building permits, to soil reports and asset protection fees. They have it covered. Read more here about Plans & Permits.


When Extensions Unlimited constructs your home addition you can be sure that:


To protect your interests

Extensions Unlimited has a two stage contract approach to give you peace of mind:

  1. Preliminary Works Agreement: You can opt out of the agreement if preliminary works reveal unexpected or higher costs related to poor soil conditions or tree issues etc.
  2. Final Contract: If you are happy to continue after the Preliminary Works have been carried out then the Final Contract will be signed.

Read more details about contracts or contact Extensions Unlimited to have all your queries answered.


This is the exciting building stage!

Extensions Unlimited are proud to provide their clients with an excellent service. Every stage and aspect of your home extension will be constructed to the highest standards because:

  • All tradespeople are fully trained and have completed an occupational health and safety course (Red Card)
  • The construction will be regularly inspected by independent surveyors who will:
    • issue reports during the progress of the works.
    • issue a final certificate upon completion.
  • Electricians and Plumbers are fully certified and licensed.
  • Company project managers are qualified professionals.
  • Any required scaffolding will be erected by qualified riggers to ensure safety for you and your family.
  • Company tarpaulins are used to protect your home and the new addition.

Read more about Extensions Unlimited’s construction practices.

What type of extension is best for your family’s needs?

Single Storey Addition (adding a room)


Double Storey Addition (adding a second storey)