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Got House Extension Plans? How to Begin Your Extension Design

Got House Extension Plans? How to Begin Your Extension Design

31 Oct 2019

Getting your house extension from a vague idea to completed reality can seem like a very overwhelming task. How do you ensure that you stay within your budget? Had you even considered that you would need a budget at all? Sometimes in their enthusiasm to get a project off the ground, people can forget to include the cost of their draftsperson and house blueprints in their projected expenditure. In this blog post, Extensions Unlimited seeks to help you gain clarity on costs and services relating to house plans and building projects. We’ll answer commonly asked questions and uncover new approaches to completing house extension designs and bringing your renewed home to life.


From an Idea to an Extension Design – Drawing Up Plans for Extensions

How Much Does It Cost to Get House Plans Drawn Up?

The cost of drafting services can vary between companies. Sometimes it’s an extra fee on top of building which needs to be accounted for. The amount to be paid for house extension designs can also depend on the complexity of your intended extension. Your draftsperson may charge a flat fee or by the hour, and if there’s a lot of consultation necessary for them to understand your ideas, it can cost more.

How Do You Start Planning a House Extension?

The best thing to do when initiating a house extension is to find a highly reputable builder to guide you through the process. It’s helpful to choose a company recommended by a close friend or family member. You can also search online for builders and choose one who has overwhelmingly positive reviews. Make sure you opt for a builder who can offer a seamless process, from your initial idea to creating the house extension designs, clearing regulations with the council, and then actually building your extension.

Opting to go with a one-stop shop like Extensions Unlimited will save you a lot of time, stress and hassle, as the whole project is managed for you in a collaborative and helpful spirit. When you find a holistic solution to building your extension, you won’t need to worry about issues such as “how much does a draftsman charge for house plans?” That’s because all your expenses will be capped at a fixed price, with all services included. Construction drawings and everything else will be an integrated part of the process.

Why is Method B Best for Renovations & Extensions?

When it comes to extensions, you can choose either Method A or Method B. The usual Method A of conducting renovations is a rather fixed affair that requires occupants of a house to move out for the duration of the building works. On the financial side of it, instalments are used, based on progress with the building. Yet for many families, it’s not practical to move out of their home while their extension is being built. For these people, we offer Method B, which involves conducting extension work floor by floor. This approach ensures that the family has a working bathroom area and other amenities at all times throughout the extension building process so they can viably get on with their lives as the building work happens. This method offers greater flexibility both physically and financially for the extension project.

For an All in One Solution, Call Extensions Unlimited Today

We strive to ensure our clients are completely happy with the outcome of their extension design and construction, with courteous and highly trained tradespeople who can work around you. We offer a variety of finance options as well as designating a project manager to monitor the progress of your building. Want to get started on an extension today? Call us on (03) 9792 1966.