Single Storey Additions

Adding a room or ground floor addition

Does your family keep growing? Would you like some extra space for visiting family and friends?

Perhaps you’d like a dedicated space additional to the main dwelling space that allows you to work from home once in a while. If you don’t have the budget, the time or even the council permission to extend upwards and build a first floor on top of the ground floor of your home, you can extend outwards with single storey additions from Extensions Unlimited. Our team is committed to helping home owners in Melbourne bring their dream homes to life with single storey extensions.

Why a Single Storey Extension Renovation Might Be Your Best Option

When adding a 2nd floor to your home is not an option, simply adding a room (or two) to your existing property can be the perfect solution to your space problems. It’s the option that makes sense particularly in regions of Melbourne where large blocks of land still exist. Extensions Unlimited has over 25 years of experience creating extra space for Melbourne families just like yours.

The Professionals with Your Best Interests in Mind

The expert designers and builders employed at Extensions Unlimited can give professional advice on things you may not have considered. These include:

  • The ground floor vs second storey alternative’s
  • Excavation and retaining homes
  • Access to the property
  • Existing trees
  • Alternatives to save money & still get the results you need.

A design and build company like Extensions Unlimited is a great choice for your first floor extension needs because we will tell you from the start what can and can’t be done − which means no surprise extra costs during construction.

What can affect the cost of any extension on your property are factors like property access, the presence of trees (either on your property or adjacent neighbours), the condition of the soil, and the slope of the land, which can affect the ease of excavation.

Speak to an Extensions Unlimited designer who will be able to give their professional opinion before any work commences as to how financially costly the project could be for you.

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Very happy with our upstairs extension. The company stood out from the very beginning in terms of customer service as well as promptness and clarity of communication.Our project was finished on time and within budget. Have to especially acknowledge Emilio, our building manager and Barry West, our designer. Barry was...

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