Shelley & Ross — Glen Waverley

"Delivered the goods — the the design consultant who was assigned to us came up with a design that we are sure will enhance the way our home looks and will meet our needs as a family... and best of all, he presented a build that was within the budget we had discussed!"

My husband and I recently committed to a contract to build our extension through your company. We thought it may be worthwhile to provide you with some feedback on what led us to this point.

When we decided to move forward with the idea of extending our home, we only sought meetings with a small number of design and build companies, all of whom had been recommended to us by friends or colleagues. As with most people in our position, the decision to extend was somewhat daunting and we didn’t really know where to start. How much was it going to cost us? How complicated was it going to be? Who could we trust to get the job done properly?

This letter is not about what other companies didn’t do well. We actually had good experiences with others we talked to. In fact, price, while very important, was not necessarily the key deciding factor. Design, of course was also a large consideration in the final decision. We were relying on being presented with an aesthetically appealing design that catered for our lifestyle and future needs. A build that could be carried out with minimal interruption to our living arrangements, and one that would fit into our existing home with minimum reconfiguration. The third key factor in our decision making was possibly equally as important as the others – what type of person would we be dealing with: who represented Extensions Unlimited?

I’d like to outline below, what it was that the design consultant who was assigned to us did “better and best” compared to others:
Fantastic customer service — He was always punctual, polite, attentive and reliable. If he said he would call or email about something, he followed through as promised. His response to queries or concerns was always fast and explanatory. He spent a lot of time with us to ensure he understood our needs and to ensure we had a thorough understanding of what was being offered in the build.
Professional approach — He was focussed and considerate during discussions. We felt respected and ‘listened to’.
Transparent and honest — He was clear about processes and reasons behind his recommendations. He came across with integrity and we felt able to trust what he told us.

Advocacy — He is a clear advocate of your company, and spoke highly of his experiences with all aspects and personnel involved at Extensions Unlimited. It gave us confidence that we would be dealing with a team of experienced, professional experts.
Enthusiasm - He approached us and our project with enthusiasm and passion. It made us feel as though we were important. He took the time to get to know us. He gives a sense of thoroughly enjoying what he does.

No pressure — He delivered excellent service but didn’t make us feel pressured to rush a decision. He didn’t use obvious sales tactics or try to bait us with promises of negotiation.

Delivered the goods — He came up with a design that we are sure will enhance the way our home looks and will meet our needs as a family. He considered the practicality and the “feel” this addition would give us. He presented us with a thorough breakdown of what we would receive as part of our build. And best of all, he presented a build that was within the budget we had discussed! He is a true asset to Extensions Unlimited and we hope he knows how much his efforts are appreciated.

We’re excited about the improvement our extension will make to our home and to our lifestyle. We can only hope that our project continues to be handled with the professionalism and care that has been provided so far!

We look forward to seeing it all come to life over the coming months.

Yours sincerely,
Shelley & Ross.