Nicolaus & Fifi

"When we first met our project manager, we were impressed with his professionalism and experience. Over the last few months of work, he has become a friend."

Dear Extensions Unlimited,

Firstly we want to thank your team, especially our project manager, for the wonderful extension that you have done for us. At the end of 2004, at one stage, we nearly had cold feet when we were assessing whether to go ahead with the extension. My wife was embarking on a fulltime university course at the start of 2005 and as we have four children who keep us very busy, both of us questioned the timing of the extension.

However Extension Unlimited was recommended to us by our neighbour's daughter who was pregnant with her third child during the duration of her extension. Hence, we thought to ourselves that if a pregnant woman can cope with an extension, we should be able to do it. As we had an extremely stressful experience with the builder of our house, we prayed that everything would proceed smoothly.

During the initial stages, when all our dealings were with the design consultant, we had no knowledge of the person we will be dealing with on a daily basis, that is, the project manager. When we first met him, we were impressed with his professionalism and experience. Over the last few months of work, he has become a friend. He was always reliable - he turns up at appointed time and when we have any problems, he would cheerfully attend to them immediately.

When we decided to buy our own sink and taps, we got a fair amount of money back. He also gave us invaluable advice and recommendations. We also learnt with time that nearly all of the builders who came to work on our extension are related to him. Those who are not related to him said good things about him. One even said that he would rush a job, that is, to the extent of working on the weekend just for him and not for any others. Overall, we have never seen a nicer and friendlier bunch of builders. Looking back, the extension went really smoothly thanks to the efficiency of our project manager!

For those people who are still considering whether to go ahead with their planned extension, we would encourage them to just do it. Now as we are enjoying our new extension which meets all our needs and has saved us the hassle of moving, we are so glad that we took the risk of extending. Otherwise, we would never experience the joy of seeing our dream extension completed, resulting in a home that will carry many happy memories into the future.

We would not hesitate to recommend your company to others and in fact, we have already started telling others about your company.

Thank you, Extension Unlimited!!!

Nicolaus & Fifi - Mulgrave