Morgan Family

"Overall our experience with extensions unlimited was excellent and we love our ‘new’ house. The extension was good value for money, was a high quality finish and has completely changed the way we live and our quality of living. Thanks to the extensions unlimited team for making it so easy for us!"

We first encountered Extensions Unlimited via the internet. The company's website was excellent. I particularly appreciated that it was informative, had before and after pictures of renovations, testimonials and all the appropriate accreditations available for checking.

We sent an email enquiry which was returned the next day, and an appointment with a builder immediately arranged. Office staff were friendly and courteous, but more than that, they seemed to enjoy their jobs.

We met the designer at our house for an initial consultation. We believe he is a great asset to Extensions Unlimited. He was friendly, funny, knowledgeable, full of ideas and open to suggestions. He was great with our kids, and our dog, and was actually really nice to chat with about the 'renovate vs. relocate' debate. He was honest, impartial and left use with some ideas about budget, plans and told us to call him when we were ready, which was great. Other builders were a lot higher pressure than this approach, and failed to understand that doubling our mortgage to renovate isn't a decision that can be made quickly.

Having our house assessed for renovations also identified some repairs that needed to be done, which the design consultant organised for us. This gave us a chance to interact with the team, and gave us the faith in the company to take the plunge and renovate.
We had a further four meetings with the designer to iron out the renovation, all at no cost.

We met with our project manager, what a diamond in the rough! He was efficient, professional and a great guy to have around. He warmed to us and the kids straight away. He was always available and happy to help, and I felt very reassured to have him as our project manager. He was particularly good at keeping us informed of progress, problems and his solutions. At the end of each day he always spoke to us about what would be happening the next few days, which made living in the house while we renovated much easier than it otherwise would have been.

The renovation started and we met a few of the trades. We couldn't have asked for a better team of guys – they were fantastic. I don't think they knew, but when they took our roof off I could hear the carpenter talking to his apprentices through the plaster. he dealt with his apprentices in a really professional way, he took time to show and explain things, he didn't crack it when minor things went wrong, he took it as a 'teachable moment' and showed them how not to make the same mistake twice. He was lovely to have in the house, tolerated the dog, kids and a crazy housewife with dodgy home cooking. A family friend who is a builder came past and had a look at the work, and said it was good quality workmanship, which was also very positive.

I wish I wrote down everyone's names, all the staff were really brilliant to have in the house.

We got to know the plumbers, they were great to have in the house, I never felt uncomfortable or worried about the kids, and the interactions between trades were friendly, which made the whole job so much easier. Having six blokes in the house doing stuff with three kids under four is no mean feat, but they made it pleasant…even fun at times!

A downside was when our house flooded under the tarps, ruining paint and carpet in three bedrooms. I found it difficult that I couldn't get onto anyone at 1am, I didn't expect them to come and fix it but I was hoping for some advice about the power (which I turned off as the water was coming through the light fittings and power points). We set up camp in a dry room and waited for dawn.

At dawn, there was our project manager, team of trades and a cast of of the guys got sent inside – he gave me a hug, bless him! It was exactly what I needed. Then they took down my ruined blinds, mopped carpet, moved furniture and did anything I asked, and an hour later, the kettle was on, everyone was laughing and it all seemed a bit amusing.

The rest of the extension went pretty well, the stair guy was another highlight – he was fast, neat, clean and courteous. The stairs were installed in a day.

We changed our mind about the bathroom design downstairs and although the team were probably annoyed, they spent half an hour talking with me and our project manager about what we could do to change things. Then they changed everything quickly and efficiently and I am so glad we did – the bathroom is perfect. It was great to know we could make changes later in the project for a small additional cost. I plan to use that bathroom for the next 10 years, so I am glad that the team were flexible.

The skip bin guy was just lovely. Each few weeks he was quick, courteous and always smiling. He was pretty quiet too, which was good because sometimes the bin went at 7am!

It was the little things that made the difference with the renovation. Our project manager found us some door handles for downstairs that matched upstairs. One less thing for me to do, and managing the renovation, three little kids, no roof, working is all hard enough!
Our hot water service died in the middle of the renovation and our project manager arranged a cash job replacement the following day which was great

Our electricians were fabulous. Not only were they easy on the eye (making my mum giggly and ridiculous) they were neat, fast and communicated really well when talking about where we wanted things like power points and lighting to go.

When (after four months) the renderers were 'finished' I told our project manager we were unhappy with the job, and he arranged replacement renderers to assess the work. They completely recoated the whole lot, and it looked amazing. They did the whole upper floor in three days.

Months after the renovations finished, there were little things that we noticed — a few upstairs power points had no power, the water supply to the evaporative cooling had been cut off when the hot water service was installed. However, although these things were mildly annoying, one phone call to our project manager and they were fixed quickly and at no cost, which was great.

Overall our experience with extensions unlimited was excellent and we love our 'new' house. The extension was good value for money, was a high quality finish and has completely changed the way we live and our quality of living. Thanks to the extensions unlimited team for making it so easy for us!