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Choose Extensions Unlimited for the Best Extension Renovation

If you’re looking to update your home in Melbourne, you might be searching for home renovations. But if you want to add space to your home rather than simply improving upon an existing space, a home extension may be a better option. At Extensions Unlimited, we can help you design the perfect extension renovation to suit you and your family. On this page, we provide plenty of information to help you decide whether a renovation or extension may best suit your needs.

Renovations vs. Extensions

You might have heard the terms ‘renovation’ and ‘extension’ used interchangeably. Essentially, an extension is a kind of renovation, as it involves updating or modifying a space. However, not all renovations are extensions. For example, simple home renovations can involve nothing more than adding a coat of paint to the walls. If the main complaint you have with your home is a lack of space, an extension rather than a renovation could be a better option.

The Cost of Renovations vs. Extensions

Wondering about the cost of a house extension compared to a complete home renovation cost? In most cases, an extension will cost more than a renovation, but this will depend on what’s required. If you’re concerned about cost, it’s a good idea to consult with a company like Extensions Unlimited that offers a fixed price for extensions based on your budget. It’s important to remember that whether you opt for a renovation or an extension, the eventual cost will ultimately depend on the extent of the work you want done.

The Benefits of Renovations and Extensions

Looking at the benefits of renovations and extensions can be the best way to determine which option is right for you and your home.

The benefits of renovating your home include:

  • Can be more affordable than an extension
  • Minor renovations can be done yourself
  • Affordable way to add value to your home
  • Provides a fresh, updated appearance

The benefits of extending your home include:

  • Add more space to your existing home by opting for a second storey extension or ground floor extension
  • Accommodate new additions to a growing family
  • Greatly increase the value of your property by adding bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas
  • Ability to change your home to suit your needs rather than having to move to another area

Extensions Unlimited – Renovation Builders Who Understand Extensions

Extensions Unlimited consists of a team of home renovation builders specialising in extensions. We have many years of experience providing extensions that can turn a small house into a luxurious home that’s perfect to live and entertain in. Check out the reviews of our services on Google or view our case studies to see how we can turn ordinary houses into beautiful spaces for many generations to enjoy.

Choose Extensions Unlimited for the Best Extension Renovations

Extensions Unlimited can work with you to create renovation extension plans that are customised to suit your budget as well as your needs. Want to make your dream home a reality? Enquire about a house extension today by calling (03) 9792 1966.

The word renovation is used to describe any improvement made to an existing building or home.

Here at Extensions Unlimited we can incorporate renovation work as part of your extension design. This work can range from minor items like forming an opening for upper floor access and stair installation, to full refurbishment of bathrooms, laundries and the like

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Excellent Project Management! Communication was always clear, precise, timely & trustworthy. The whole extension / renovation process was well handled and we enjoyed the journey.
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We opted for Extensions Unlimited purely based on our experience with our Designer. We were impressed by his professionalism & conscientiousness in finding the best design for our needs. Moreover, we felt he was someone we could trust. In fact, all Extensions Unlimited staff members were professional & friendly, so dealing with Extensions...
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