Extensions Unlimited are members of the Master Builders Association. They use HIC-6 Home Improvement Contracts which are specifically designed for the home extension market.

House extensions are different to new builds because in extensions:

  • Clients generally still live in the home during construction
  • Work is carried out in stages to minimise disruption

Extensions Unlimited has a two stage contract approach to give you peach of mind:

  1. Preliminary Works Agreement: You can opt out of the agreement if preliminary works reveal unexpected costs related to poor soil conditions or tree issues etc.
  2. Final Contract: If you are happy to continue after the Preliminary Works have been carried out then the Final Contract Will be signed.

The complete contract will include:

  • HIC-6 Home Improvement Contract
  • Preliminary Works Agreement
  • Specifications
  • Drawings
  • Insurances
  • Warranties

Extensions Unlimited are happy to answer any questions about contracts. Just ask.

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