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Do I need a permit for this?

Do I need a permit for this?

05 Jun 2019

If you are considering building, renovating or simply undertaking some work on the property then you must first ask yourself: “Do I need a building permit for this?”

The Building Regulations 2006 (“the Regulations”) seem to identify more what ‘does not’ require a building permit than as to identify ‘what does’.

In schedule 8 of the Regulations there is a list of works that do not require a Building Permit. There are a multitude of circumstances when a building permit is not required however this article does not deal with this scope.

The following are an example of the exceptions that are most common.

Now more than ever, with the introduction of so many DIY shows like ‘House Rules’ and ‘The Block’ it is becoming increasingly important to know whether or not a building permit is required.

The regulation provides for the following:

That a permit is NOT required for Alterations or for the ‘Repair, renewal or maintenance of a part of an existing building’ provided that the works do not affect the structural soundness of the building and that the work is not:

  • An increase or decrease in the floor area or height of the building; or
  • Underpinning or replacement of footings; or
  • The removal or alteration of any element of the building that is contributing to the support of any other element of the building.

All works must also be done using materials that are deemed fit for the purpose and the work shall not be unsafe to the public, the occupiers of the building and shall comply with all safety measures as required by the relevant regulations.

Further-more if the work is an alteration it cannot protrude past the street alignment.