Narre Warren South Project

A caring couple of grandparents want more space for their growing grandson. Here’s how we did it.


You found Extensions Unlimited after asking for recommendations from friends and family. An old trusted friend piped up and said they’d had a good renovation experience with them. So on the day of the consultation, you’re hopeful yet wary. It’s important to you that you keep within budget with this extension project, and you want to make sure you get a high-quality result.

But as soon as you meet with the designers at Extensions Unlimited, your fears are alleviated. They’re just so helpful as they listen to your needs and requirements for an extension. You explain how you want a separate space for your grandson to have friends to stay and do his own thing now that he’s getting a bit older. You see this area as being a young adult retreat on the top floor of your extension. It will include a bedroom, bathroom and living space.

Permits & Engineering

After Extensions Unlimited confirms your design, they discuss with you in an open way what the fixed price will be, and the expected start and completion dates. They’re so upfront and honest – it’s really refreshing and it makes everything so simple to understand. Then the company goes into bat for you with the council, sorting out any permits that are necessary at no extra cost to you, even if there are fees involved. Extensions Unlimited will present all the required reports relating to the project to the council, including soil and bushfire reports, among others. All this hassle is taken care of for you, making the whole process so much simpler.


Extensions Unlimited offers additional end-to-end services. It’s not just about building the project – they also help get your bank onside with funding it, which makes life a lot easier for you. Another helpful friend for the journey is your project manager, who is always there to answer your questions, troubleshoot or report to you on the progress. You have full confidence in your project manager, and you know that any problems will be swiftly dealt with and communicated. That’s what you get when you work with true professionals who have been in the business for 25 years.

You’re relieved to hear from your project manager that Extensions Unlimited only hires subcontractors under professional HIC-5 Master Builder Home Improvement contracts. He goes on to say that you’re completely covered by all relevant insurance, plus you’ll receive a warranty insurance certificate when the job’s finished. These facts, coupled with the definite start and finish date and fixed price, really bolster your confidence in the process.


In the construction stage, you’re amazed to see your extension designs come to life. It’s so exciting seeing the progress of your extension. You’re pleasantly surprised by the degree of care given by all Extensions Unlimited employees and subcontractors working on your building. Even the tradies are friendly and approachable. You can tell they love working for Extensions Unlimited and are motivated to want to do a good job on your project.

Early on in the process, Extensions Unlimited explained to you that all the tradespeople are well trained and stay up to date with the latest health and safety procedures to ensure absolute safety for your family on the extension site. In addition, you learn that surveyors visit the project site regularly to create reports, as well as carrying out a final safety certificate at the project’s completion.


By the end of the project, you’re thoroughly impressed with the work of Extensions Unlimited, and eager for your grandson to make use of his new preteen hideout. It feels so good to be able to give this gift of space and privacy to your grandson as he grows into a young man. The renovation looks great too, adding value to your existing home that you’ve had for many years. If anyone you know needs a builder for an extension, you know who you’ll be recommending – Extensions Unlimited. You still can’t believe they did the whole project under budget in only 3 months!

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