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Learn how we did just that for first time parents of twins juggling
a house renovation with newborns in Mitcham.

As a new mum to your first twins, a boy and a girl, you really want to move out of your parent’s house and settle into your own place with your husband. You want your own home to enjoy and for your children to grow up in over the coming years. You still want to live in the same suburb as your parents, because you could do with the extra support nearby with the kids. So when you start looking at houses in Mitcham, it’s initially a bit disappointing, as so many are out of your price range. And with the cost of your little ones to think about, you can’t spend too much. But eventually you find the right place – an under-budget single storey home that could be made perfect with a house extension.


You find out about Extensions Unlimited from a friend who used them for her family’s renovations. They come highly recommended so you’re excited about transforming your new home with this reputable company. From the very start, the professionals at Extensions Unlimited are caring, understanding and helpful. They really listen to all your needs. Together, you plan out the features of your new home.

You want a new front entrance to bring in more light to the house. You also want to open out the kitchen to the dining area. The family room will extend out to open up into the backyard with beautiful and functional glass doors. Also on your wish list is a separate living space and rumpus room. As the original house you bought didn’t have a laundry, the washing machine is in the downstairs bathroom. You want to fix this by including a proper laundry space as part of the downstairs house extension. You also want to create a nurturing resting space on the second level of the house, with a master bedroom, ensuite, two bedrooms and an extra bathroom.

Permits & Engineering

Once your design is confirmed, Extensions Unlimited go about organising all the necessary council permits on your behalf, meeting with and speaking with council representatives to ensure every detail for your Mitcham property is present and correct. Included in your fixed renovation price is any fees needed for permits by the council. You find that Extension Unlimited go out of their way to get everything right the first time, and when that’s not possible, they mend course quickly and with clear communication on timelines and progress. Their engineering is top quality, and their suppliers provide products and component parts with great craftsmanship.

Extensions Unlimited also uses their financial expertise and experience dealing with banks to talk to your financial institution to help secure funding for your extension, which really takes the pressure off. You find them so helpful from start to finish. Speaking of helpful, your project manager is friendly and answers any questions you have about the progress of your home extension. When a little hiccup occurs, they’re onto it, offering solutions and alternative options. It really feels like there is no obstacle that can’t be overcome with Extensions Unlimited.


Your project manager keeps you informed about the house extension at every step of the way, so you feel calm and in control, with the assurance that any little issues will be promptly dealt with. You knew you were in good hands when your designer at Extensions Unlimited first told you how long they’d been in business – 25 years and counting! That’s a lot of house extensions.

They also told you that by working with Extensions Unlimited, you could be sure that only HIC-5 Master Builder Home Improvement contracts would be used on your project. All extensions carried out by Extensions Unlimited have a fixed price and a definite start and finish date. They cover you with all necessary insurance, and when the job’s done, you get a warranty insurance certificate. So you feel pretty good about hiring Extensions Unlimited with all these assurances in place. You know exactly what you’ll be getting and when.


The construction stage is the most exciting because it’s when your dream home in Mitcham starts to become a reality, and you can see the progress over the days and weeks of the project! Extensions Unlimited really do offer high levels of customer service, and this includes their builders and tradespeople on site as well. Over the past 25 years, they’ve clearly learnt who to hire to find the best craftsmen and builders to complete their projects.

Extensions Unlimited let you know early on in the planning stage that all their tradespeople are highly trained and have completed relevant health and safety courses to keep your family safe while working on your home. They told you that every construction they complete must be regularly inspected by independent surveyors. These surveyors keep abreast of the progress of the house extension, issuing reports along the way as well as a final certificate at the end of the project. You find that the tradespeople are very careful to minimise noise and disruption to your home life as much as possible. They’re friendly and clearly take pride in their work.


By the end of the project, you’re thrilled with your new house extension that gives you all the room you need and an enjoyable new lifestyle in Mitcham. In the end, Extensions Unlimited design and construct the project to achieve 90% of your requirements, and most importantly, they do this completely within your budget. You are so happy with your experience with Extensions Unlimited, and you know you will recommend them in the future to friends and family who want a positive renovation experience.

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