McKinnon Project

Read about how we created an extension to provide comfort for this family’s generations to enjoy.

The concept behind our extension process

With our kids moved out of home, we wanted to customise our house for our needs in retirement. We wanted a more open space for the living area where the grandkids could run around, with access to the back garden. But we were also concerned about the cost. We wanted to make sure we didn’t blow out the budget with this extension project.

We did look around at house prices to see if buying a new house was an option, but we found that it was just too expensive in our area. The most cost-effective option was to stay in our current house and renovate.

Responsive Design Services

After finding Extensions Unlimited through a referral from a family friend, we sat down with them to talk about our ideas. And they sure did listen. They didn’t say anything for a while − just let us express all our wishes for our new extension, and how we hoped it would positively impact our lives. After we were done discussing our vision, the expert designers at Extensions Unlimited began to suggest changes to our house plans that would bring our dream home to life.

We were really impressed with their sincerity and their honest advice. They helped us problem-solve a few early issues with our extension plans, saving us time and money. They also reassured us that our extension project would be overseen by a designated project manager who would keep track of everything, including the budget.

Working Drawings & Permits

During the design talks, we also discussed the costs of the project, with everything being 100% transparent from the outset. Due to their honest and open conduct, we really felt like we could trust Extensions Unlimited to deliver our extension on time and on budget.

We were impressed with the helpfulness of our project manager, who was always available for answering questions and problem-solving any minor issues throughout the extension process. We got further support from the Extensions Unlimited head office in respect to negotiations with the council about permits, as well as financial arrangements with our bank.


As the construction progressed, our house began to take on a new life. A living room was created off the kitchen where we will be able to sit and watch our grandchildren play in the backyard. The kitchen was extended to open out to the backyard for easy access and entertaining.

We had been concerned about our budget at the beginning of the project, but Extensions Unlimited was as good as their word. The project manager kept a close eye on timing and budget, with no slippage of either. It really put our mind at rest knowing that everything was being tracked and looked after for us.


We were so excited to invite our grandkids over once the extension was finished. It was a dream come true to see them enjoying the space. Now we have a home that’s purpose built for our needs, but at the fraction of the cost of building from scratch or buying a new home. Thanks Extensions Unlimited − you’ve added value to our home and created a fantastic liveable space for us to enjoy in our retirement!

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