Fairfield Project

Read about how we created the perfect extension to fit the needs of every member of this family.

The beginning of a dream home extension.

What do you do when you love where you’re living, but you’re running out of space fast? A growing family might have literally got you packed to the rafters. But a move seems too drastic with one of your kids currently in VCE, at a school only 10 minutes away. You can’t create that much disruption right now. When you think about it, this home has been good to you for the past 20 years, and the amenities in the neighbourhood are fabulous. But still, you can’t deny the need for more space.

So you go through the rigmarole of looking for bigger homes within the local area, attending auctions to find out the market price for the kind of home you need. But a sad realisation soon hits; you just don’t have the budget to buy a bigger house in the same neighbourhood. Plus any house you buy at auction would need renovations to make it fit your needs. The costs just get higher and higher, you think to yourself. Then another alternative emerges: what if you renovated your current house to become your forever family home?

Design Service

With this whisper of an idea to go on, you come up with an initial design principle for a possible home extension. You’re planning on extending the kitchen into the backyard area, but you’re feeling a little unsure. You’d love to get some expert guidance on this plan to find out if it’s feasible. So you start asking for recommendations from friends and family for reputable yet affordable construction companies. The name Extensions Unlimited comes up, and you decide to meet with them.

From the get go, you feel 100% comfortable with the team at Extensions Unlimited. Maybe it’s the way they actually listen to your desires, concerns and requirements and offer honest and helpful advice. They patiently listen to your whole family as each member discusses their needs that must be met by the new extension. You all live there, so you should all have a say. After listening, the design team looks over the initial plans and suggests changes to your designs to better accommodate the whole family’s vision for your forever home.

Working Drawings & Permits

After you settle on the design, the full costing and specifications are transparently explained and agreed upon. It’s refreshing, you think to yourself, to deal with a company that’s so upfront about costs and the extension process. You feel confident that you know what to expect from the project.

You’re further pleasantly surprised with the high level of support from the Extensions Unlimited head office as they begin negotiating permits with the council on your behalf. They even talk to your bank about finance for you, making your life a whole lot easier.

Your project manager soon emerges as a trusted guide on the journey through the renovation process. Always approachable and keen to offer new options or advice where necessary, he becomes a key contact person for keeping track of the changes to your home.


You watch as the changes start to happen, making your dream home a reality. Your kitchen is restructured with an open butler’s pantry added, plus extra bench space for your wife to teach your kids how to prepare meals. You notice how the new rectangular windows installed at the top of the walls let in more light into the rooms, making them appear larger.

Where the kitchen overlooks the garden, large glass doors are inserted for easy access to the backyard. Part of the backyard is transformed into a covered outdoor entertaining space for recreation with family and friends.

A new vanity bathroom is created to the left of the kitchen for the convenience of guests and the family. An extension designates a new living room now complete with a fireplace, which will prove to be cosy in winter. A window seat is built into this room with a view to the backyard, creating a perfect nook for reading. An extra door to the backyard creates easy access from this room to the outside areas.

Throughout the construction process, you’re impressed with how quickly any hiccups are resolved. The tradespeople are all professional and friendly, doing their best to keep interruptions to family life to a minimum while the renovations are in progress.


At the end of the project, you feel completely satisfied – your existing home is now your forever home, perfect for the needs of your growing family. And to think, you didn’t even need to move out of your neighbourhood!

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