Brunswick Project

Read about how we transformed Dan’s small space into a cosy space which
could now accommodate more friends and even a little family!

I’d been living in my house for 3 years before I decided I needed more space. I loved to invite over family and friends for barbeques, especially in summer, but it got squishy when I invited more than 5 people around. I also enjoyed my outdoor area with BBQ, but I just wanted to have more space.

As a 28 year old unmarried man, I was also wondering how I could accommodate a future family with such a small house. My girlfriend and I had been in a relationship for 6 years and she’d started hinting about wanting to take the next steps. I loved the location of my house and thought it would be best to stay close to the local amenities, which made an extension the logical choice.

Responsive Design Services

A work mate referred me to Extensions Unlimited after I started asking around for a great construction company. What really impressed me about Extensions Unlimited from the beginning was their ability to sit down with me and listen to what I wanted out of my extension project.

When they had the full picture, only then did they start to suggest ways to bring shape to my ideas through specific extension plan additions. They also checked my initial plans for any trouble spots, and problem-solved with me to find better solutions to satisfy my desires, which saved me time and money.

Working Drawings & Permits

Throughout the design process, the costs were clearly explained to me. I was struck by just how transparent Extensions Unlimited was with their pricing. I knew exactly what to expect from the outset, without any hidden surprises!

I also enjoyed a high level of support from the Extensions Unlimited head office. They negotiated council permits on my behalf, which greatly expedited the building process. They also negotiated with my bank to sort out the finance, which really was a load off my mind.

I had a project manager throughout the design, drawing and construction process which made the whole project go so much more smoothly. It also gave me huge peace of mind knowing that someone else was keeping a close eye on budgets and timelines. My project manager was always available if I had any concerns about progress.


Construction began right on time and slowly my house began to take on a new, updated look. The tradespeople were all very friendly and easy to deal with, perhaps because they work for such a great company. Work progressed and the kitchen was repainted in a brighter colour and my dining area was opened up to the backyard using window doors. The kitchen was also extended into a new living area so that I would have more room to move when guests come over.


I was so impressed with the conduct of Extensions Unlimited and how approachable and helpful they were through the whole process. I now have a beautiful home fit for entertaining large groups of people, and I’m also prepared for beginning a family. Now I can tell my girlfriend, let’s take the next step!

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