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Your Home Extension Builders Contract

Your Home Extension Builders contract should be up to current standards. Many ‘home-grown’ in house contracts are at risk of not keeping up with...

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How extending your home can save you money

Whilst building a new home or buying a new home can seem like the easy way to get the home you want it is...

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Questions about Home Extensions in Melbourne?

Questions about Home Extensions in Melbourne We want YOU to ask US questions about home extensions in Melbourne. Melbourne’s best Home Extension builder want’s...

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Home Extensions in Melbourne on Facebook!

Follow ‘Live’ Home Extensions in Melbourne through the Extensions unlimited Facebook page. Catch up with weekly up-dates with the Client, Project Manager and Client...

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Watch for Illegal Building Deposits

Be aware of illegal and exorbitant building deposits for your home extension. For home improvement contracts the following rules apply by law: An owner...

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Home Extensions Builders Finally See Ray Of Light

Home extensions builders finally see a ray of light that will possibly improve, if not end, the compromised, inefficient joke that is the current...

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